List of products by brand URFIC

Founded in 1963 in Tondela, Urfic started activities manufacturing brass fittings using a sand casting system.

This process has been gradually developed and transformed thanks to the dynamism of its founder – Urbano Figueiredo da Cruz- and is currently one of the leading global manufacturers of door handles for the home and construction industry.

The constant changes that have followed in manufacturing systems, from the automation of sand casting, through injection, to the current and modern system of totally automated and computerised hot forging, allied to high technology, experience, well-established know-how and constant research, have put Urfic in a prominent position in International markets, with its high-quality products and constantly updated design.

Quality is key to Urfic so the very best raw materials and production possibilities are continually sourced. Urfic only sell products made in our own factory in Portugal, thereby guaranteeing continuity of supply and quality. We have brought together unique innovative designs, styles, and finishes to provide our customers with the very best choice available.

All products are salt spray tested and many are fire rated and spring performance tested.